Sunday, April 13, 2008

Packing 101

And so it begins, the task of sorting, throwing and giving our junk away and only packing the stuff we REALLY use. We all have them, catch alls, junk drawers and closets full of items that we haven't even looked at in years. And after 14 years here, we have tons of stuff we haven't used in I don't know how long? I"m really dedicated to just packing the everyday goods and making this move a fresh start, a start to simplifying our household. Now, I'm one that likes to see my treasures, they bring me great joy, but I'm not missing the boxes of stuff that I never bring down from that top shelf of the closet, so I won't miss it in the new house, right? My mind tells me I won't, but my heart tells me, I may? It's so hard going through your belongings and trying to decide what goes and what doesn't? But I'm a frugal gal, I can limit my need to keep, and will donate it instead.
My granddaughter, May found a recent box and a marker. She decorated it, making it clear that it can be simple to downsize as long as you keep the important things tucked away and that you allow them to follow you. This move will be bittersweet, to say the least, tears will flow, emotions will rush through me as I pack up, clean out and move on. But what awaits us will be exciting, May is anxious too, the new house will have a playroom for the grand kids! So, tag along on this new journey of mine, I'll do the packing and leave the heavy lifting to the men, but join me in my new house adventures where I will be sharing my before and after photos, decorating dilemma's,and picking out new colors that I've never had before. Watch the transformation from a empty house into a full house! Here's to new beginnings!


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