Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sinus Survival

Yes, it's that time of the year once again, April for me is like a two sided coin, I love all that spring brings, but I don't like what it does to my head. Sunday was miserable, a sinus headache set in, you know the kind, with a stabbing pain every so often and a full head feeling. Not fun, but I'm hoping I found a cure- all this year in a Neti Pot, is anyone familiar with these nifty but funny looking pots? What they do is rinse your sinus canal out, keeping it free of pollen and dirt and it really works! It's amazing how just one cup of warm salt water can clear your head. It did take about a week to get the angle of my head just right so I wouldn't swallow it, but now I've gotten it down just right and it only takes me a few minutes. These Neti Pots can be found at any health food store and are such a wonder, rinsed daily you can avoid the miserable allergy season or at least tame it a bit. I got one for my son who is always blowing his nose, year round and one of the girls want one to have on hand for cold and flu season. Even my hubby tried it after suffering for days with a head cold, and in 2 days it was gone! I highly recommend a Neti Pot if you suffer from allergies, sinus or even a cold. Last April was the hardest with severe nosebleeds, but I'm hoping by using a Neti Pot daily, I can avoid that problem this year. I only pass on proven remedies, and this one has won high praise in my house!


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