Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Just hopin on to say a quick hello, got a busy weekend planned. Easter is early this year and it's here sooner than I planned. Got to do a little shopping today to finish up the Easter baskets for the grandkids, do the baking for tomorrow and were hoping to hear from the lady who has a offer on our house, she is due in this weekend, so please keep your fingers crossed for us. We have our sunrise service at church in the morning, early, 6:30 am, then breakfast afterwards and a service, so that will be special. And later that afternoon, a family dinner and egg hunt, might have to hold it in the house, the weather won't feel like Easter, chilly and a chance of rain! We don't need anymore! But I hope you all have a wonderful day, full of blessings and family. Remember the day for the true meaning! Happy Easter to all! Hugs and chocolates!!


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