Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today, I'm so very thankful that the rain has stopped and the water is reseeding! In a 36 hour period we've gotten over 9 inches of rain! We even got snow yesterday mixed in for about a hour! Rivers are overflowing, ponds too, roads were closed and yards looked like lakes, mine included! We took a walk down to our pond and it's the fullest we've ever seen in the 14 yrs. we've lived here, the dock is floating off to one side! The yard is like a sponge, but the earth will soak it all in soon as it's in the 60's today and sunny! I'm also thankful that today is the first day of spring, finally! Now, trees and plants will come out of hibernation and sprout green all over, such a joyous time!


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