Friday, February 08, 2008

I love chocolate giveaway

As promised I'm having another giveaway for anyone who wants to enter, since the last one was for lurkers only. In honor of Valentines day and the food of love, this giveway will be all about chocolate! And that's the only hint your getting! lol So, if you love chocolate and who doesn't, leave a comment here about your favorite kind of chocolate, you have till Valentines day to enter.

Are we getting ready for the sweetest day of the year? I've gotten all my valentines done and in the mail, and I've gotten so many lovely ones in return. I will post a photo as soon as they are all in, and what a bunch of talented ladies too. All the cards are amamzing! Thank you again for joining me in this fun event! Tomorrow night our church is having a sweetheart banquet where our hubsands will be cooking our dinner and serving us, this should be fun and entertaining too! Afterwards, we are playing the Newlywed game, even more fun and entertaining!
Enjoy your weekend and hugs to all!!


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