Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Here I sit......

Well, I've taken a sick day this year already, and a snow day and now a ice day, two in fact! Here I sit, warm, sipping the last of my gingerbread coffee (thanks again Lori) and blogging my heart out! I'm iced in, my car sits under a inch of ice and I'm unable to break any of it away ( a job for hubby later).

This is day two now, and it's been nice to be stuck at home, to tackle some sewing projects and catch up on alot of blogging! Just look at some of the Valentines I've gotten so far in our swap this year, aren't they just the best! I wish you could see them up close, the talent is awesome. Tomorrow I'll feature one that is unbelievable!
I feel so bad for the birds, I've gone out twice today to feed them, they are just everywhere looking for anything that is not under the ice! The little walk to the mailbox is like walking on a frozen lake that cracks with each step, unreal! I'm ready for spring!! Keep warm my friends and keep popping in, nothing like free chocolate to get the numbers up! hehehe Off to finish that yummy coffee!


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