Thursday, February 21, 2008

Custom Clipboards

Promote, I must get in the habit of doing so! My newest craft addiction is making these custom clipboards, and since I'm iced in again today, I was able to get 4 brand new ones finsihsed and up for sale on our Etsy shop. Which one is your favorite? The purple passion, the gardening green, or is it the french country kitchen and last but not least, the button and lace?

The coffee is brewing, the dough is rising and the old time rock and roll music is turned up, as I sit here hoping the ice melts soon. Just seems like yesterday I was doing this same posting, feels old because it was just last week! But I got alot of fun things done and that was nice, nothing like a forced day at home. But all is good, as long as were all safe and warm. I'm so hooked on these clipboards that I"m having another giveaway, YES another giveaway! Leave me a comment here with your favorite clipboard and one lucky winner will recieve a custom clipboard made to their liking! Gotta have some fun since Mother Nature has no sense of humor today, or does she? Good luck!


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