Monday, January 28, 2008

A Pink Potty and Pinkeeps

I don't know about you, but this pink bathroom is growing on me! And it can be all yours free by entering the giveaway at
I love the pink laptop! I know one lady who would love this bathroom, right Lori? Good luck to all!

I've spent my day at home finishing up some craft projects for our Etsy store, these 4 pinkeeps are available now at Heart2Home. They are so fun to make and who can't use a pretty pinkeep? I'm feeling much better and I want to thank all who wished me well. It's been one bug after another here, not just my household but the whole town. I blame it on the weird weather, it's been so cold and nasty, then the weekend was more like spring with low 60's both days and sunny. Just a tease, it's back to being cold today, a good day to stay inside, bake some bread and do some sewing! So, I'm having a wonderful Monday, my best wishes for the same for you all! Hugs!!


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