Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sick Day

I'm taking a sick day today! Now, since I work for myself I can do this whenever I need too but I don't. I had planned on staying home today anyway to clean my house and maybe babysit one of my grand daughters, but it turns out my body needed a rest day instead. I woke up with a sore thoart and just feeling worn out, and if I had listened to my body yesterday when it was trying to tell me to slow down, I may of dodged this on coming bug? But then again, I had been exposed to strep thoart, my little grandson had it so bad he broke out in a rash! But he's doing better and so will I. I did manage to get the house cleaned, thinking I could work this out of me, usually works, but I also followed my son with his apple cider vingegar cure. Just 2 tablespoons in a glass of orange juice, which doesn't taste so bad and sure enough, within a hour I was feeling better and cleaning! I also felt like bringing out all my pretty papers that I got from our weekend trip to the big city or should I say, my access to Hobby Lobby! They were having a wonderful sale on scrapbooking paper, so I stocked up and it only cost me $5! So, now I am ready to make valentines for my swap and extra for family and friends. I just love pretty papers, my mind runs wild with ideas of projects and gifts, I also have a few things in the works for our Etsy store, soon I hope. And for those who tried to enter the giveaway I posted about yesterday, I did find the correct link and posted it so go back to yesterdays post and check it out, you won't mind the confusion one bit!


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