Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lurkers Giveaway

I've been keeping track of the number of hits on my blog and it's about 100 a day, more or less and I'm fast approching 20,000 visitors in 7 months! That's amazing to me and got me thinking, who is reading my blog and why? So, I want to bring out the lurkers with a giveaway just for them (I'll have another giveaway soon for everyone). So, if you've been lurking and haven't left a comment yet now is the time to do so, you may win my surprise package. I'd LOVE to meet you and see why you read my blog, or why you don't visit often? So, come out of hiding and introduce yourself and a BIG thank you for all the hits and traffic here! Your all near and dear to me, and I thank you all for the support. Blogging is the best! Sign up will close on Valentines day!


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