Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Christmas Swap

Now that Halloween is past us it's time to think ahead to the holidays and you know what that means, baking! I do alot of holiday baking, and nothing is easier or more satisfing than baking a batch of cookies, so I thought, why not have a cookie cutter swap, a chance to shop for a fellow baker plus add to your own collection of cutters. I've posted this swap over at Mary Janes Farm too so if you have already signed up there, your good to go! But I wanted to give my bloggy bakers a chance to join us in this fun idea, so if you'd like to swap Christmas cookie cutters with someone just leave me a comment here then email me with your mailing info. I'm also suggesting that you add a favorite recipe along with your cutters or a pot holder, just a little something extra for the chef! This will be fun, and get us all in the spirit of the season, never too early for that!


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