Monday, November 12, 2007

A Baker's Dozen

Funny how I got 13 for the Christmas cookie cutter swap, a baker's dozen! So since I'm hosting this event, I'm taking on two to send too, should be extra fun! Most of the girls signed up at MaryJanes Farm but I'm so happy a few of my bloggy bakers joined in! I can smell all the cookies being baked all across the states! What's your favorite cookie you bake? Mine has to be peanut butter, I've posted my best recipe over at my Cozy Country blog, it's so easy, just 4 ingredients!

It's raining today, we need it, but the trees will really start to loose their leaves now and will be bare again till spring. I always miss the leaves. I had a wicked stomach bug yesterday, hit me out of the blue with cramps that reminded me of labor. Still not sure what it was but I'm so glad I got past that one! Still no new word from our offer on the house, everyone is just waiting for her to sell so she can buy ours. I was really hoping to be in a new house for the holidays but were all safe, dry and warm and that's a blessing! I've got some crafts I need to get working on for our Etsy store and gifts but first I must go shopping for some Christmas cookie cutters for my two partners, this will be fun! More swaps are planned so come back and visit often!


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