Monday, October 08, 2007

House Hunting

My heart already belongs to a house picked out months ago, were just waiting for ours to sell. We have a offer pending on the sale of her house, so it never hurts to house hunt for a back up. I found this place on the internet months ago, loved it and wondered where it was, but due to the price being out of our budget I never called on it. Last night, we made a back roads run to Dairy Queen and on the way home came across this place, no sign but we knew it. A little old lady had lived here forever but because it's tucked back in the country side we hardly go that way but we did last night and I knew it was the place I had seen online. We went up to it, peeked inside the windows and walked around. It is truly a place time forgot, built in 1937 ( a little newer than ours) the views from out back are lovely as are the grounds, but it's the house that calls me in closer. The little old lady must of passed away, the house has been totally updated, wood floors shine like new and fresh paint can still be smelt. I love the detail, like the built in benches (see second photo) on both sides of the red front door. I love the charm of the older homes and that is what I'm looking for in our next place, like our currant home, it's just something I must have, no cookie cutter house for me! But like I said, this one is out of our budget, reasonable price but it has no central air and because it is way out in the boonies, winter weather can be a issue, but I love looking and I did feel my heart tug at me a little as I peeked inside. You just never know where you will end up!


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