Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tweaked for Thanksgiving!

                  My seasonal hutch got tweaked for Thanksgiving over the weekend, one holiday at a time! The busy rush is on to prepare the traditional feast for family and friends, and I look forward to a happy house full of hungry faces and comforting hugs. This time of the year is so special, it's just sad that we can't carry it over to the whole year, if only!
     I am so blessed and when I count my blessings, you all are among them! Your support here has been so inspiring, and I've learned so much from your blogs. I love the way we share our lives, paths that were meant to cross! So, as I head into my kitchen to bake pies and other sweetness, my heart is warmed. I hope and pray your Thanksgiving table is full of family, friends, and happy hearts! Treasure this day! Happy Thanksgiving!


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