Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pass the Salts!

            I've always been a salt snob of sorts, barley used it on purpose, till now! I've replaced our sea salt with the pink Himalayan for reasons stated below, but also for the taste, it's nice. Then, a friend told me about a smoked salt, applewood smoked to be exact and now I'm shaking it on so many things!! It gives food a slight smoky flavor without you knowing it, and I like that. I'm not a snob no longer!
         I'm a firm believer that food should taste good, and people should eat good, they need to eat good. We do terrible things to our bodies in our younger years: fast food, soda and high fats without realizing the total effects it has, till you reach that age when it all adds up and you are ill.  I know alot of people who do eat better after becoming ill, to help heal themselves. I want to be well now, there for I'm eating better as a preventive measure. Prevention is the cure, I've always believed that, still do! Pass the salts!


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