Sunday, August 11, 2013


                  Here in the Ozarks, we are finally drying out some before the next rounds of rain. It's been raining here each and everyday of August, some more than others but Missouri is in flood mode, it's unreal! I'm thankful we live on a hill, even if the driveways are falling into the street, we are high and dry! The city rain gauge tells us that we've gotten just over 15 inches so far, for this month, we did get more than our share in July. When it rains, it really can pour!!! But, I'm very thankful, as long as the septic holds, I'm fine with it!
      In between storms, I'm trying to keep up with the mints and weeds!  Remember that mint bed I planted a few months ago's one big mess but I'm harvesting it as often as I can and hanging some, the rest gets tossed into the chicken coop, they enjoy it as much as I do! If for nothing else, I'll always have mint for the chicken coop!

       The old wheelbarrow above has been with us for about 20 years now, the bottom rusted through in spots, I tried planting petunias in it, they did fine till it got hot and no amount of water keep them happy, so I saved them by transplanting them in a more happy place, then I got to looking at the wheelbarrow in a different light and now I have a extra shelf for a bucket of plants! Doesn't take much to keep me happy, rain in August has me over the moon, and I finally got a decent shot of the super moon last month! Happy August!


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