Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My July Hutch!

                I've had so much decorating my hutch each month, not only does it allow me to enjoy all my treasures, but it just makes the room feel more cozy and complete! July's display is all about liberty and freedom for all, we celebrate because we can, and should!

      Thank you all for your emails and comments left about knee surgery, and for sharing your story! I've learned tearing of the cartilage is very common: 80 % of women will tear their cartilage in the knee before the age of 50! I had no idea, but have learned so much, I've also learned to be more careful! My appointment with the orthopedic surgeon went better than I expected! No surgery just yet!! I also have some fluid and arthritis along with a small tear but it's not enough to warrant surgery, if it should become more of a problem for me or more painful, then I'll take the next step and try a steroid shot but the doctor didn't think I needed anything done, with the way I'm getting around and treating the pain with Aleve, that seems to be working just fine. This just made my day!! I'm not one for pain pills, meds or being laid up! So, I'm taking his advise and taking 2 weeks off for PT and rest, since I feel better on weekends when I don't work and can sit down as I like. I have a stabilizer for my knee and will get better shoes so once the swelling is down, I can start walking again. Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts, it worked!!! I'm going to get past this hitch in my giddy up!


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