Sunday, July 28, 2013

Making Time on a Budget

             Most of us think of a budget as our household expenses, and as true as that is, we also must budget other things, time being one of them! Life these days seem to zip by faster than a zip line, too fast for me so I must budget my time better! I used to go around like a bullet but not accomplishing much, with more projects started than completed, and I hate that, seems like a waste of time, and I hate waste even more! So, thanks to my wounded knee, I'm learning to do things slower, put them in proper order and only tackle what I can handle! One project at a time...let's hope!

     I love the life I've been gifted, every minute of it and am so thankful for all my blessings. I'm applying my gratitude to the applications of life that mean the most to me: family, faith, home, friends and flowers! Yes, flowers, because without their beauty what proof do we really have? They are like little reminders that if we feed our souls with the right care, we too shall bloom like perennials!

     Now onto the winner of my Christmas in July giveaway, a tad late but the winner has been notified and if you need a nudge of inspiration, check out the winner's blog: Roxy from Living from Glory to Glory is a sweet source for just that, a nudge in the right direction! Plus, her recent post is all about aprons!!  Congrats Roxy and I hope you will enjoy your Christmas trinkets! Can you believe the end of the year is a mere 5 months away! No better time than now to budget, everything!


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