Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Shabby Summer

             I almost hate to see July end, it's been one of the most pleasant summer months EVER!! Sure we had a few 90+ degree days but they are long forgotten, it's felt  more like early fall here with easy temps and rain plenty, if I"m dreaming, don't wake me!

       With a chill in the air and cloudy skies over head, I was recharged over the weekend and set out to clean out my garden shed: aka my shabby shed that my handy man of a husband built me a few summers ago! It's always a work in progress but I love my happy place and it sure makes gardening easier having everything in order and in one place! The garden got out of hand due to my knee and then the rains, so we didn't plant alot this year and it was the right choice since a nasty bind weed has taken over the big bed twice now and that was wasted work, so it's getting covered and hopefully will kill off any and all weeds! I moved my toms and peppers to raised beds/boxes and they are doing great, so at least we will have a good supply of salsa and ketchup soon! My mint bed is growing fast and thick, no worries.....I keep it trimmed and sprinkle fresh mint in the chicken's coop, they love it and it's been keeping bugs at bay too, a win, win!!

        July sure has spoiled us, no telling what August will bring, but I hope it continues to surprise me, in a good way! Here's hoping your summer isn't shabby either!



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