Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tasty Tuesday

               Remember me planting a mint garden, well it's done well, can't really kill the stuff, but I've picked my first batch and am trying something new with it, infused waters!  I read a article on how herbed infused waters are loaded with benefits just for the picking, so why not! Super easy to do also, just hand pick the amount of mint/herbs for your size pitcher, wash well and pat dry. Place mint in a clean pitcher, glass is best and fill with water and chill overnight so the mint can infuse with the water and tickle your taste buds the next day! I'm making a batch of orange mint water, I should of grabbed one orange while I was the grocery store today but will next time, I'm hoping the orange mint will have a  little orange flavor to it, either way, it will be refreshing and just in time for another round of 90 temps this weekend.
        The beauty of these infused waters is you can get creative with the flavors, use your own herbs and fruits and it gives plain ole water and new twist! So, refresh your taste buds and create your own personal waters, bottoms up!


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