Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Mini Kitchen Makeover

                For the last 2 weeks, I've been stuck inside for the most part, loved the rain but really needed to get outside and get things done! Being the person who can't stand to just sit around and waste time, I gave our kitchen a mini makeover. I just painted one wall, the wall that was a mocha color, it needed perked up and upgraded to a satin finish, the color found me: homemade butterscotch, yummy!
          The after results lead to changing just about the whole kitchen around. I added a small table/island with 2 stools for extra seating and work space and it just so happens to match my hutch, that's when I knew it was the right choice! And behind the hutch is my chicken wall, from there in one corner is now my coffee corner and at the other end of the newly painted wall, is my recipe desk. Remember that white side board I painted and used as a island, it now resides in the dining room and matches the china hutch!
     It's amazing how a can of paint and one new piece of furniture can make you feel like you have a new kitchen! Now to find a puppy! lol

P.S. the ground is drying out from all the rain, so no Tasty Tuesday this week, got outside chores to do before the next rain, tomorrow! Stay tuned next week, I'll make it up to you!


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