Monday, April 29, 2013

I spy spring!

            The hills are alive and green again!!! The redbuds are just about done blooming, so are the dogwoods but plenty of color can still be found in the Ozarks, and I'm loving them all!!! The weather is another story, one week it's hot, ( low 80's, too soon) and the next it's cold, with frost warnings? The poor plants are so confused! But, we work outside when we can, the coop is coming along and the chicks are doing great, you can see the start of wing feathers already! I'm late in planting seeds but not worried about it this year since we had  a hard frost last week and another is in the forecast later this week, but I've still got 5 good months ahead to garden all I want, in between the weather woes and chickens! Trying to go with the flow and enjoy each day, each bloom and each project that gets marked OFF the list! Happy spring!!


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