Monday, March 04, 2013

March Hutch

            Since it's turned March, the weather has been confused and feels more like February should of? I'm nagging myself now with the crazy weather updates, but spring is nearing, so is daylight saving time and Easter, all this month!!! I just realized that over the weekend as I took down valentines and replaced the hutch with a hint of green, I really need more green goodies! Did you catch that, daylight saving time and Easter THIS month, both early so I'm hoping spring will be early too to balance this month out!
    Does anyone do anything for St. Patrick's Day anymore? I usually cook a corned beef dinner, bake some Irish Soda bread ( come back tomorrow for that recipe) and make something green for dessert. How about you? It's all in good fun and the kids/grands enjoy it, so why not! Life is too short!


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