Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year!

            No Tasty Tuesday post today, I'm a busy woman cleaning, organizing and packing away the last of Christmas, always a little sad but the new year brings high hopes and this crazy urge to get the house in order! Blogging is much like journaling meets the world, and from my blog reader, I see many are as busy as I am! But it's a good feeling, knowing we have a brand new year to create, play, share, inspire, learn and live a better life! I don't really make resolutions, I just try to live my life better than the last year.
     What's in store for Country Pleasures this year? Tasty Tuesday will resume next week, a kitchen make over is in the works for the winter months ahead, and then spring will bring MORE gardening of all kinds, with some salve making, and of course more Pinterest projects to share! So, join me in another year of all things country that sure do bring me much pleasure, it's the simple things, really! Wishing everyone a blessed day that will turn into a year of bright blessings!!


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