Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Apron Swap Update

          My swing was the back drop for a awesome autumn afternoon, a couple of weeks ago! These trees are almost bare now with few leaves left to fall, kinda sad to see this season end, it's been a beautiful one in spite of the drought.
     I paired us up for my annual Christmas apron swap days ago, only to get all my emails returned as undeliverable?? I tried a second time, and had the same result? I don't know what is going on and with Thanksgiving just days away, I'm gonna cheat and list your partners here for you to contact, if that's ok with you? If not, I'll try another way, just takes more time. It must be my internet provider so don't worry about your end, since I got all the emails back, it has to be on my end. So, find your name and your partners and go back to the first post about this swap and find your partner in the comments, see if you can get ahold of her that way? Please report back here on this post when your hooked up, so I know. Being later than I had planned, I'll leave the ship dates up to you guys and hopefully this won't happen again. I think I'll change my email accounts to another provider also, it may help. Now, off we go, and happy sewing!!

Susan and Roxy
Dessi and Janet
Tiff and Char
Me and Heather


  1. Without a doubt, that is some of the most beautiful Fall colors I have seen....Great pic and a wonderful place to enjoy God's wonder...blessings!

  2. A big WoW on the all the color in your photo.

  3. A big WoW on the all the color in your photo.

  4. What a beautiful fall picture!!!

  5. Just reading this today. Now I know why I hadn't heard anything from you. Char contacted me last night and we got the ball rolling!
    Thank you Sue, this should be fun.


  6. Oh good Tiff, my email is still all messed up so thank you for letting me know!

  7. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Lovely pics and great looking treats! You might enjoy my fun project with vintage hankies! Keep up the lovely work!


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