Friday, October 19, 2012

Mums the word!

               Oh Autumn, I am in awe of you!!! Nothing excites me like the fall show of colors that are peeking now in the Ozarks! Does this simple act of nature come with age? If it does, I'm thankful I can appreciate the  seasonal change and try to keep in mind that my own body is undertaking a change of it's own! Life is slowing down as we enter the pre- winter months, loss of daylight and less garden chores, all forcing us to take cover inside sooner than we'd like. But we must go with the flow, the law of the land gives us a rest.
    Our homes are warm, cozy and awaiting the arrival of happy celebrations ahead. Don't let autumn pass you by without witnessing the marvel of the mums, the display of color in the trees and the shift in the weather. It's our last right of change before the long winter ahead! Mums are blooming, and so should we!!!


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