Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

                The last Tasty Tuesday for September is a reminder it's time to make my annual batch of homemade vanilla, my secret weapon in all my baked goods! Now, don't leave the room, it's not hard at all, and I promise, once you make it, you will never go back to store bought or worse yet, imitation!

3-4 vanilla beans
A 750 ml bottle of vodka or brandy
Big bottle

All you do is split the beans down the middle, length wise, and add to the bottle of vodka or brandy. I use vodka, it's cheaper and while you can use the bottle the booze came in, I like to use a fancy bottle, makes it prettier. Store in cupboard and shake once a day for 2 months before using. This is why I like to make mine in early fall, so I have it in time for my holiday baking! Just remember to keep in a dark place so it can steep in private! lol

     And as a bonus, I'm sharing my recipe for homemade Kahlua too! I haven't made this in years, but recently I came across a recipe on Pinterest for Kahlua cupcakes and I remembered I had a recipe to make my own, so I thought you'd might like to try it too!

Homemade Kahlua

6 c. hot, strong coffee
1 pd. brown sugar ( doesn't matter if it's light or dark)
3 1/2 Tb. vanilla  ( use your own :) )
1 small bottle vodka
While the coffee is still hot, mix in brown sugar and blend well. Allow to cool. Add vanilla and vodka. Store in bottle and keep in dark place. Ready anytime to use in your favorite drink or recipe. Also makes a nice syrup for over ice cream.

      I'm not a drinker, really! I only use booze to enhance my baking! I hate going into liquor stores for the vodka, but a girl has to do what a girl needs to do in order to make the best vanilla and Kahlua around! Enjoy!


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