Friday, August 10, 2012

Table Treasure

         So, a couple of weekends ago, we went bumming, hitting all the local flea markets, beating the heat and finding treasures everywhere we went.  At the newest flea market in town, I spotted a old antique table, round in shape and very heavy. The price tag read $24.95, I had to take a closer look, in case I wasn't reading it right, maybe it was missing a 1? No, it was indeed, just $24.95. Now, I had no plans to change out our dining room set, but in secret, have always wanted a round table, never had one! So, I began explaining to my hubby what a steal this table was, even if I didn't use it, I could re-do it and sell is, making a profit. He wasn't amused.  So, a whole week goes by and I can't get that table off my mind, I've already placed it in the house and wondering what color it was so I could peek at stains.

          A week goes by and we had a family birthday lunch at the local pizza place, needing something to do and to walk off all the pizza we ate, I jumped up and said, "let's go back to the flea market" to see if my table was still there! Our kids hadn't been there yet so off we went! As we combed the lisle's, finally coming up to the table, a SOLD sign hung on it and my heart sank! So, we comb the rest of the building and found a few things, at the checkout my hubby had a grin on his face, and asked when I wanted to pick up my table! The stinker had gone and bought it making me think it was gone forever! lol  After 20 years together, he still has a way of surprising me!! The table now sits in our dining room, in place of the other, which is in my craftroom now, and all thoughts of restaining it are gone! After a good cleaning, I love just the way it it, and can imagine all the meals and chats that took place around this old table!

        So, I finally have a round table, I still need to do something with the chairs, I may rough them up and try to stain them to match? I'm also curious about what kind of table this is, so if you know or can lead me in the right direction to research, I'd appreciate it! It doesn't take a lot to make me happy, a old antique table gets a  new home!


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