Sunday, August 12, 2012

Be Funky!

              Do you all remember contact paper of the 70's and 80's? My Mom was a contact paper pro, I can remember her using that stuff in the kitchen as a back splash, a brick pattern I believe and she covered more than one chest of drawers! She really loved that stuff!! Well, it's still around! I had the bright idea of using it on my second hand desk that had a few blemishes, so I looked at Walmart and sure enough, they had some, not many patterns but a few. The red and white checks was perfect for my craft room/office since it's red and blue. And after a couple of hours of fighting with the contact paper ( which is properly named) this is the end result, sure does brighten up the room! Now to cover the computer chair in fabric, I seen it done on Facebook! Contact paper lives and so does this desk, for a bit longer! And if you haven't checked out Be Funky yet, do so, it's a new image editor that is easy to use and offers some new features, not too shabby!


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