Monday, June 04, 2012

Garden Junkin

            I'm a big Junk Gypsy fan, so much that I did a little junkin of my own and found enough supplies to create all these projects over the weekend and only spent $13! The blue birdbath adores my shabby shed display and fits right in! The old lamp was only a dollar, took the hardware off and glued the plate on top, which came from Dollar Tree and it's just right for this spot!  The candle holder is still a project in the making and if you have any ideas, I'll welcome them. It stands about 3 ft. with 4 arms on a study base. For $5 I couldn't resist and a bird feeder/station came to mind, or I could glue clay pots on the bases? And my favorite find of the day was my old time chair, again only $5 and will hold a pot of flowers soon, but for now the fern is happy to have a place to sit! lol  And don't you love my mushroom? I seen these on Facebook, one of the many pages I subscribe too full of neat ideas. This is so easy, I'm surprised I didn't think of it myself! All you need is a clear vase and most thrift stores have them, mine was only $1 so was the clear bowl. I always use good glue in all my projects now: E-6000. It can be found at Walmart in the craft section, great stuff and will hold forever, even outside!
       So, that's what I did over the weekend, which was below normal cool, got down in the 40's over 2 nights and just perfect during the day with much needed rain!! Needless to say, the temps are climbing again to the high 80's with humidity so the A/C is back on but the gardens are saved so no complaining here!!! Stay tuned for a giveaway, it's about time for another one since my followers are still adding up even when I've been busy outside and only posting once a week, bless your hearts!!!


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