Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

              Oh, internet issues, it's been a pokey week here in cyber space, more like spaced out!!! I'm lucky this morning, it's allowing me to post, so far! So, before it changes it's mind, let's get on with this late post! I've harvested my first crop of basil so now it's pesto making time!! If you recall, I shared my new favorite sandwich with you awhile back, the Italian Grilled Cheese, so good.......but it will be even better with homemade pesto! This recipe comes from 101 Cookbooks, a tried and true Italian recipe straight from Italy, so I'll be using this for the first picking!


1 lg. bunch basil ( leaves only, washed and dried)
3 med. garlic cloves
1 sm. handful pine nuts
3/4 c. Parmesan ( loosely packed and grated fresh)
Few Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

     With a sharp knife, chop basil to desired size. Mince garlic and pine nuts, add to basil. Add Parmesan cheese and oil last and combine well. Makes 1 cup. Use fresh. If freezing, leave out cheese to be added later, as it does not freeze well in pesto.

      Reading this your wondering a few things, I'm sure but you gotta love the simple recipe from a old Italian kitchen, so it must be good!! If you have a favorite pesto recipe please share, as I will have more basil than anything this summer and I've got to stock up on pesto for my new favorite sandwich!  Go Italy!!


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