Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mini Makeover/Living Room

           Remember how I wanted to change this room, to make it lighter and give it a more cottage feel? I did make it lighter, but the cottage feel isn't real big because of the black, but that's ok. I love all the light that comes in here now, and I may not add curtains till summer. I still need to paint the door and trim, trim out the wallpapered wall and find something to go with the lonely picture behind the couch, but I wanted to share it with you since some have asked.
             I gave away a couple of pieces and replaced them with black shelves that now house my family photos that once graced the red wall behind the couch. The wall color is Tawny Birch, the same color I used on my $20 hutch but doesn't quite match it but is perfect anyways! I love the results and I only spent $16 for paint and $56 on shelving which was all funded by the sale of my huge monster hutch, and I had enough left over to pay off our propane bill for February!
      I love taking care of our home, making it cozy and comfortable! I feel blessed and honored to do so! It's a shame when people complain about having to clean their home or mow the lawn, when so many don't have that privilege Treat your home like a haven!

I didn't forget about my little giveaway, just got tied up in the living room, that wallpaper job was something else! But, thanks to, the winner finally is Shug of "Shug....My Steps of Faith! Congrats to Shug, bless her heart for being a loyal fan and being patient too! A email has been sent, hope you get your to do list done this spring!!!


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