Friday, February 24, 2012

My $20 Hutch Makeover!

            I bought this china hutch a couple of weeks ago, really didn't need it since I had one, a huge one mind you, but I've always wanted to make over one and for the price of this beauty, I could afford to give a try! I'm not sure how old it is, but from the dark green stain on some parts, I'm guessing the 70's? I've also learned it's called a stepback cupboard but to me, it will always be my  $20 hutch but add the primer $ 24, hardware spray paint $1 and hutch paint $10 all adds to $55 but it's priceless to me! And the best part, no sanding!! Primer is a magical thing!! I love the way it looks against the red wall, and it makes the dining room look bigger!   I'm so happy with it that I sold my old monster hutch! The earnings from that will fund the living room makeover which is a must now since making over this sideback cupboard, so stayed tuned! And don't be shy or pass up a deal on a old piece of furniture, for little effort and money you can transform it into a new piece!


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