Friday, January 06, 2012

Stats & Status

               One of the things I'm liking about the new template designer is the stats tab. I've only recently been checking it faithfully, for the last 3 months maybe and it's just amazed me, the high traffic here on my little ole blog!  Rush hour has nothing on this, and I'm not bragging but merely in awe so forgive me! But I had almost 6000 hits last month, 5936 to be exact! And the other morning, I had 171 before 7am! WOW! I love seeing where all of you are, even though the comments left are few compared to the hits, this action keeps me inspired to post more, and I'm trying! And the food posts seem to get more hits than others, hmmm.
      This numbers game is fun, and equally fun is keeping my Facebook status updated! I'm loving the new timeline layout there, the photos are bigger and you have more room for your posts, plus you can go to any year listed and see what was going on, not only on your page but your friends too! This will handy if I need a recipe I posted or link I wanted to save but forgot too. It's almost like blogging but with that instant connection to your friends and family. Yep, I"m spoiled by technology, sure will miss the simple life but we must keep up with modern times! Life at home will remain simple and easy but communication is the key to success so I'm trying to keep up! Thank you all for visiting, you make my status in life: SWEET!


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