Thursday, January 19, 2012

My New Sewing Addiction!

           In keeping with my Pinterest pledge for the New Year, I've been making dresses from onesies for my grand daughter, Miss Ellie, who might have to wait till summer to wear the blue dress, it did come out bigger than I thought but it was my first one! Because Pinterest has tons of craft ideas, my sewing has improved and expanded to keep my hands busy all winter long! I just wish they made oneies for bigger girls, but I'm wondering why can't I make a dress from a tshirt? Thank you Pinterest for keeping me inspired and creative!

    Did everyone get their email with their swap partner? You should of by now, because none of them came back? I hope you will enjoy creating a Valentine theme apron for your new friend, and PLEASE, if some reason you can't follow through, let your partner know then me so I can make arrangements to find a replacement, I don't want another swapper to go without like the last swap! Don't forget your tuckins and mail by the first, unless you make arrangements with your partner to be late. Happy sewing!!


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