Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fall Bucket List

               No longer called "to do" lists, goals or wish lists, now they catch your attention with a one foot in the grave scare trick! But you know, I like this much better! I can get really creative with this idea, make it pretty and decorative, maybe I'll actually do more on the list now, especially if I see it on a daily basis. I'm game for every one on this fall list, how about you? Happy October!!


  1. I absolutely Love it! A wonderful list that adds a lot of fun to life..
    You go for it girl!!

  2. How fun, I think I would enjoy making a fall bucket list and see how many i could complete. nancy

  3. Great list! I set our house with fall/Halloween decorations yesterday and I'm feeling the autumnal spirit today:)


  4. Lovely blog and I love a couple of your buttons on the side, can I kindly add them to my blog? (PHD in sewing and never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine) thanks :)

    cheers Jude


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