Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cheap Trick

              I love a good idea especially when I can use thrift store finds and Dollar Tree glasses. I may not of come up with this idea but I was thrilled as though I had! I bought a couple of fall glasses from my local Dollar Tree store, you know the type, where everything is a dollar! I thought they'd look cute with candy in them but I didn't want to leave them exposed so I started a search for a lid and look what I found in my cupboard. Needing one more, I combed my thrift stores and found another little jar with the same lid for just 50cents so now I have a pair for under $3! The best part is I can use them year round with other glasses or on the jars they came with! It may not be a trick, but it's sure cheap and that makes my day!

         Speaking of a day, you only have one more to get entered in my followers giveaway, so if you follow me,  head on down to that post with my new baby grand daughter and leave a comment there. I'll let pick a winner tomorrow afternoon so you have till then! Good luck to all, thanks for following my blog!!


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