Monday, October 31, 2011

Blue Moon Madness

             Have you ever seen a blue pumpkin? I hadn't till stumbled on this blue beauty on Pinterest, I'm in love  with this shot! It's a Blue Moon Pumpkin and I'll be on the hunt for seeds next year, so if anyone knows where I can find some, please share the info. I'm anxious to make a blue pumpkin pie!!!
        This photo also puts a end to October, November rolls in tomorrow and with that, my thoughts and to do lists turn to winter survival, that long season just makes me shiver thinking about it! I feel so bad for all those out east under record snowfall so early in the season, it's not even the right season for it! WOW! Time to seal windows, stock the pantry, think about the turkey feast and Christmas lists. It all comes at us so fast, but I'm trying to savor each season for the best it has to offer! Farewell October, you've been a delightful month, and as I will long for spring before winter has really started, it will be this blue moon pumpkin that will keep me going till spring! Oh, the madness, I love it!


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