Monday, July 11, 2011

Beating the Heat!

               I'm becoming a wimpy girl in this heat! I'm trying to make peace with summer, it's my least favorite season, thanks to the heat/humidity and darn heat index that is extreme and breaking records! Our weather pattern has been breaking records each month and I'm sure our normal or average weather is gone for good! That leaves us trying to beat the heat and praying the A/C unit can handle the stress!
      So, I'm stuck inside, feeling grateful for my comfortable home and yes air conditioning, but I don't take kindly to being held hostage by the weather, there's enough of that going on in the winter months! I am trying to do my part in keeping the utilities down by doing laundry at 6am after the hubby leaves for work and the A/C isn't working over time yet. I've got all the blinds closed, curtains drawn and ceiling fans circulating. I try not to use any major appliance during the peak hours and no baking with less cooking. Eating light is key and keeping fluids handy is a must, water and unsweet tea for me!!

     A fun way to keep cool is to watch Christmas movies, esp. if you don't have a pool. I could and should be sewing but just not in the mood, it's gardening season and my mind is out there! It's become a twice a day chore just to keep the containers and window boxes from dying, but I'm not complaining really! I know it gets hot in July, and maybe I have become wimpy, or spoiled, or just lost my tolerance for the heat, and when I use the word heat, I'm referring to the extreme heat, anything pass the low 90's mixed with good old fashioned Ozark humidity is just miserable! But, I haven't found a better place to live so as long as I can keep beating the heat, wine a little, and stay comfortable I'll be ok!  But no matter what I'm always very thankful to have all four seasons, there's always a change around the corner and lots of ice tea!

How are you beating the heat?


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