Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birthday Bash Giveaway

                 After a certain age you really don't look forward to your own birthday anymore, at least I don't, and in a few days, that dreaded moment will hit me when I must add a number to mine! Now, I'm not boosting, or bucking for birthday wishes here, just stating a fact, it's not fun after a certain age! But I do like to give gifts and when I turned 50, I did a whole month of me here on my blog for the occasion, to ease the pain some, and it worked, so I turned it into a annual event, a birthday bash to celebrate life and the life on my blog just keeps growing in numbers, the good kind! So since it's been awhile since I've hosted a giveaway, it's due time and no better reason than to celebrate my followers! All you have to do to enter this giveaway is be a follower of Country Pleasures and leave a answer to this question: What do you want for your birthday?  Now, let's be honest and selfish here, something for YOU other than peace on earth and to win the lottery! I'll leave this open until the 26th, long after I've recovered from my big day! lol The winner will receive a nice surprise giftie so  put on your thinking caps and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all June babies!!


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