Saturday, March 12, 2011

Before & After- Playroom

             The first inside project is completed and I love the results! The top half is the grands playroom before, and the bottom half is the playroom for young and old, after a can of paint. That is all it cost me, $15, everything else came from somewhere else in the house, the grandkids still have a spot to color and play, and I have a spot for the workout equipment that was all given to me, so this makeover was really on the cheap!

       The bedroom makeover is almost done, just got to make a valance, add some photos and wait on a new quilt, I lucked out and found one for half off and I had a credit to use up, so I was thrilled about that. My only problem  now is my bed skirt, it's still brown. I would like a nice white one but the only ones at Walmart now aren't so nice, so I'm thinking about bleaching the brown one to see if I can get a antique white from it? If not, I can always dye it black as a last option, which will tie in with the black and white patchwork quilt I have coming.

     Moving things around is leaving my sewing room bare, I hope to start painting this room later this week. This room makeover is the biggest one and I'm very anxious to get it started and done! Remember the retro blue and red I posted about a couple of weeks ago, that was  a sneak peek, I can't wait!!

     Happy to see so many getting signed up for the apron book giveaway, and even happier to read that so many love aprons like I do, makes giving this book away, a whole lot sweeter! Well folks, don't forget to turn your clocks ahead tonight, they moved it up this year, it's early! But it'll give me more time to play outside, after I get my inside projects finished that is!


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