Sunday, February 06, 2011

Fab Feb!

           This is what my first week of February looked like. On the first day, freezing rain fell most of the day, with a odd  20 minute window of sunshine, just long enough to melt the ice hanging from power lines, then a rainbow was spotted. Iced like a cake, my popicle house was my haven for 2 blissful days, to putter and play! Day 3 hit a high of 25 and it felt good after sub zero wind chills and below normal temps. Amazing how numbers can really mess with you! lol   Day 4, just a half to one inch of snow is predicted, no big deal they said, we woke to 6 inches of the prettiest snow I've seen in years, post card worthy snow! So, we took a drive yesterday, couldn't get enough of the white wonderland all around me. I hated to walk on the fluff, it looked so peaceful and pure but my camera begged me to capture the beauty that I now understand and appreciate a whole lot more. I will remember this beauty when the worst of summer keeps me inside and my garden is drying, it's all in the master plan and I will try to make peace with it and find the reason for each season. I'm growing up!


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