Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Perfect Wedding

         My son took a wife! What a perfect wedding it was, amazing! It was a 4 hour drive away for us, but we made good time with no issues. My son put us all up in a country B&B ran by a sweet 70 yr. old lady who gave Tyler a great deal for all 8 rooms.  The Inn sat on 22 acres that Roz landscaped herself and still keeps up, alone. Walking trails ran around the Inn, doted with herbs and native flowers. Corn fields are plenty in Kentucky and the Inn had 2, keeping the deer fat and sassy, three doe's jumped out in front of us while we walked to the big barn.  I even saw a huge white owl fly out of the barn, but my camera wasn't ready and neither was I, but what a sight that was!

      I'm not sure I like the whole concept of a B&B even though I always thought it would be neat to run one, but I guess I'm just not comfortable in a strangers home but by breakfast time, I was helping Roz cook for our  clan and chatting over coffee. Still not sold on the Inn experience probably because I didn't sleep at all, but over all, it was a fun time and I  gained a new friend.

      The photo box above proves I have the prettiest grandkids around! lol  The highlight of the wedding was when Keilah sang to my son, Tyler. I was in tears, what a special tough she added and such a beautiful voice too! They rode off in a 1941 Packard, heading to New Orleans to catch a cruise ship to Mexico. I'm honored to add Keilah to our growing family, who will bless us as she has my son.

       Just a reminder that my fall apron swap ends tomorrow, say by noon so if you'd like to sign up, make and swap a fall theme apron, then scroll down to that post and leave me your name and email addy. I will then start to pair us up tomorrow so you can begin sewing up those sweet fall aprons! And don't fret, if you can't make this swap, a Christmas apron swap will take place right here! Happy sewing/swapping!


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