Thursday, September 02, 2010

Kentucky Bound

           My son is taking a wife! The event of the year for our family all takes place Saturday, the 3rd of September in a small town in Kentucky. This wedding has taken 8 months to come to life and what a wonderful life these two kids will have!  That's my youngest son, Tyler, number 4 to get married and to bless us with another daughter in LoVe!  We just adore Keilah, I couldn't of hand picked a better lady for my son. These two were meant to share a life and a mission.

     The rig is washed and gassed up, the dog sitter is all lined up and it's time to pack! We hit the road bright and early tomorrow, but I'll be sharing photos on the other side of the weekend, we'll only be gone 2 days.  The honeymooners have a cruise out of New Orleans to catch Monday, after spending the night in a posh hotel in the French Quarter, I hope they pack a camera!  My son has put us all up in a local B&B so I'm excited about that too, it'll be my first stay in a B&B! It won't be the French Quarter but Kentucky, here we come!


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