Sunday, September 26, 2010


                  I was blessed to have to the first day of fall off, so I started a tradition just for me. I stayed home and got our home autumnized, all ready for the fall season. It was a perfect day too,  seasonal scents burned in a few candles while I cleaned and arranged 4 tubs of fall goodies. I didn't use everything, even gave my new daughter in love some to start her own collection.  The crock pot was busy at work too, simmering ham and beans that would later be our fuss free supper, paired with homemade tortilla's that turned out perfect, like my day. Did I mention I had a perfect day? Such a blessing to be able to mark this special day and season by sharing my love for autumn with all who will enter our home. And now, I"m sharing it with you. Since our home has a open concept with the three major rooms, those are what was mainly hit, and heavy too. But, I just couldn't help myself, as you can see! But what fun I had and I've started a new tradition, every first day of fall shall be spent just like this one! My home has been autumnized, has yours?


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