Monday, July 19, 2010

Garden Girls

        Gardeners come in all sizes, this is one of my little garden girls, this is my granddaughter May. She grew this cabbage for a school project, the Bonnie Project.  At the end of school in May, they handed out cabbage seeds to be grown over their summer break. The biggest cabbage wins a $1000 scholarship, this is her entry. May planted the seed, tended to it until it out grew her little peat pot, she planted it in our garden and checked on it every time she came over, she had a little help from Grandma, I just made sure it got watered when it got too dry due to a lack of rain.  She was so excited when her Daddy dug it up over the weekend.  She will take this photo back to school next month for the competition, were hoping she wins!

     But, either way, a seed has been planted in her soul and my love of gardening is safe in her hands. My little garden girl is hooked and a future "farm girl" is born! Where do we get our love for such things? I know my love of gardening was passed down from my Dad. He loved his roses the best, and just growing up watching him tend to his flower beds must of stuck with me. My veggie garden feeds my family, but my flower gardens feed my soul. I feel closer to God when my hands are idle in the earth. Little girls love flowers too, so make sure you share your gardens with a child, so the world will always be in bloom!


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