Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fair Days

           This week is our county fair, and I always enter some of my photography with hopes of winning a ribbon but more for the exposure and to learn what judges look for and see what other photographers are shooting, it's a great way to gain insight and inspiration.  This is my 7th year and I think there was only one year I didn't place at all, so I up my odds and enter more than one.  My barn photo above placed second this week in the scenic category, my first second place! woohoo! I entered three total but this was the only one to place.  I'm happy, as this photo if you remember was requested by a Texas painter to paint from my shot that I posted on Facebook late last year, I was honored then and again now.  I love this photo and now it will grace my library walls along with the other two that didn't place, all will double as wall art!

      Fair days also mean HOT days, and with the heat index, it's super HOT today and will continue for the rest of the week, just looking at this photo and the foggy morning we had this morning, I'm more than ready for fall and all that brings.......cooler days, crisp night, bon fires, mums, fall decorating, fall candles and baking!  Hey, a girl can dream, it's a good way to beat the heat! :) Stay cool and safe out there!


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