Friday, April 16, 2010

Sold on Makeover!

             Remember a few months ago when we were helping my youngest son re-do his house in time for his fiance's first visit and his deadline to get it on the market? Now, don't feel bad if you don't, it's taken me long enough to get the before shots from my son and take some after shots too, but here they are, for those who have asked.
      I had a blast helping out, a good way to pass the winter away too, and he likes everything so much, he's changed his mind about selling and once married, will live here for a few years before building their first home.  When Tyler bought this little house, it was a mess but he wanted a fixer upper and welcomed the challenge, all those times he watched HGTV with me, paid off, he has a good eye for color and even liked my idea of painting the fireplace brown, so much, he went further and painted one long wall in the living room brown too, which lead to painting the bedroom doors brown along with the beams, which really ties everything together. At first thought, I was afraid the dark brown would make the room too dark and cave like, but it really doesn't and fits a single man perfectly, but his bride to me likes it too and once she moves in and decorates, it will feel real warm and cozy.

       The biggest improvement is the kitchen, not a nice place to be before but after a new wood floor, paint and added shelving, it's beginning to look and feel like a kitchen should. The walls are bare, windows just blinded but oh such a improvement, don't you think? We also painted the bathroom but it's too small to get a good shot, don't you just love those little houses....something will have to be done after they are married, maybe make it bigger somehow. Until then, it's going to make a nice starter home for the two of them, a place to practice till they build their real first home! 


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