Monday, April 12, 2010

Productive Pains

            My body doesn't work like it used too, but it held up over the weekend that kept us busy outside. I don't mind the aches and pains if I'm feeling productive and by glancing at my yard and my garden in the infant stage, we had a very productive weekend. I love a fresh mowed lawn, and with over a acre to mow and weed eat, it's a feat in it's self. I'm so thankful that is my hubbies chore. Now, it will be a weekly happening but the reward is so great! The old apple tree got pruned, my peppers are in and all the flower beds are weeded, that's my chore! lol  Plus, were restoring a old swing set that was my daughter in loves as a child, so now the grandkids will have something to play on while here.  I love being productive!

     I found this adorable idea for a little fence from another blog, sorry I can't remember who's, I was in a hurry. But I thought it was so cute and cleaver....and a good reason to go hunting for old plates! This is on the famous "to do list" that seems to be growing!
      Have you seen the humming birds yet? A blog buddy in Arkansas has, Hi Lea! So, I wanted to share a great link so you can find out when they are to return to your area. has a map to show you when and where, now for my area so I will be getting a couple of feeders out today!


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