Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's Talk Dirt!

       Now, if your a gardener, you love dirt, and if your a serious gardener, you really love a good dirt! One way to get it plus be green about it, is through composting.  Not a new idea but one that has been around forever and labeled as new age among other oddities, but if you think about it and are a conscious care taker of the land, composting only makes good sense!  And it makes great soil which in the end, makes great plants and produce.

     We've been composting for over a decade now, we craft our homemade bins out of whatever we can find, very cheap and were recycling too. Pallets work great to make a fenced in area that is easy to turn or you can go the easy way and purchase the big black trash cans. That is what we are using now, since we had a couple extra hanging around. We just emptied them last night for a new strawberry bed. After 10 months of collecting scraps and not even turning it, we had 2 bins of black gold, the prettiest soil you've ever seen, and full of worms, a good sign that if it's good enough for them, you've got some good soil! I was thrilled!

      Now, our pile doesn't look like the one above, this one belongs to a county landfill that gives it away to their residents, so that maybe a option for you to check into. When the compost pile gets steamy like above, it's cooking, a natural process of allowing the heat to escape. So, if you'd like to make your own, there are tons of great information on sites, just for you to google. One that I like is How to Compost, it's full of great ideas and photos for your dirty mind to wander through! Sorry, I couldn't resist! But, seriously, composting is free, easy and so much better for your land. Give it a try if your curious and before you know it, the whole family will get into the recycle the scraps compaign! It's the only dirty talk allowed in my house! lol


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